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INVOCATION is the second full-length album from Mojito, released on December 31, 2015. It carries the tone and structure of its predecessor, VINDICATION, but showcases Mojito's maturation in tastes and abilities. Once again, nearly every track on this album is produced and mixed by Mojito, under his 5KVNKWXRK5 alias. For more information on upcoming shows, music, or videos, subscribe!


released December 31, 2015

Intro by Ariel Osys featured on "Arise"
Interlude commentary by Fxvl Mxwf
"Bartenders Tag" performed by Mariela Sciandra
"Whiskey & A Black" produced by Prime
Glorious featured on "Big Dreamz"
"No One" co-produced by Ron Burgandy
Hagan Lee featured on "No One"
High Collide featured on "Anthropology"
J Blu featured on "Anthropology"
Additional album creative input by Ariel Osys & Prime



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Mojito St. Petersburg, Florida

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Track Name: Arise
AK47, locked and loaded, nigga, locked and loaded/ that's how I'm votin/ I don't take part/ in what niggas indulge in/ fuck/ what a politician say is important/ now, what you gone tell us?/ what a vote get us?/ my ballot at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean/ I'd rather crack/ open a Jack, tip it back, and let it splash/ in your face, when I'm spittin this potent/ uh.../ I'm so irresponsible, only to yall tho, I know what I gotta do/ ever since I was an adolescent, I been on a mission niggas said was impossible/ the fuck you gone educate people who don't wanna be educated, huh?/ ain't no way you'll be loud enough, you know this whole industry regulated/ for niggas who made it, like, "Nigga, we made it/ fuck everybody, long as we elated"/ I ain't no rapper, muhfucka, don't label me/ I just manipulate sentences gracefully/ I'm just a writer, a lover, a fighter/ a brother, a father, a son, I'm inspired/ by life and experience, God, and the devil/ the good that I see, but the evil as well, tho/ arise.../

I was in a deep coma state
That was when the Lord spoke to me
What'd he say?
On this day, arise...
I ain't never been more determined
I ain't never felt better, my entire life's only sermon
On this day, arise...

Arise, arise...
You can tell I'm not afraid, when you look in my eyes

AK47, locked and loaded, nigga, locked and loaded/ third eye focused/ I'm tapping back/ into the other 90 percent/ now they know that I'm a threat, from every book that I've opened/ they don't want a nigga finding knowledge of self.../ little do they know, I found knowledge of God.../ he came to me, in a vision, as a little nigga, like, "Wake up! Don't you know who you are?"/ uh.../ I'm commanding this beat like the wind and the waves, they all at my disposal.../ when I'm planting my feet on the water, I'm taking each step like I'm posed to.../ on top, nigga, don't stop/ doubt/ make a nigga drop, or throw you out when the boat rock/ just a lesson that I learned from the Master/ I write a verse, but the words fill a chapter/ get it now, get it, they say the universe is in-finite/ reach into the power that's within it/ find a new meaning in the rest of your days/ fuck/ everything before today, write a new page/ that's the reason I don't stress/ over never getting signed.../ maybe when I'm gone, they'll uncover every rhyme, every ink blot, every deep thought, penetrating future generations' minds/ arise.../

Get it now, get it
Get it now, get it
Get it now, get it...

Get it now, get it
Get it now, get it
Get it now, get it...

Get it now, get it
Get it now, get it
Get it now, get it...

...They say the universe is in-finite
Reach into the power that's within it...
Track Name: Pluto
Who wanna rumble? No muscle, but never humble/ you stumble, looking for trouble, I'm puzzled, watching you bumble/ and fumble, tryna tussle/ it's so much anger, in strangers/ in danger of getting choked wit a coat/ hanger, for hater/ commentary, so yall be wary, hip hop apothecary/ with all them various, odd, and scary treatments for your body, ready/ if-you-opt to tell me you sick, and the shit's incurable.../ your frame is fragile, this pain will last you, I'll murder you/ my current view of rappers is backwards, from what they give us/ these niggas actually practice a script, and expect forgiveness/ lacking in any mercy, usurping power from thirsty/ and worsening, purse-carrying sirs, who surely are Shirleys/ addressing homies and brothers as baes, hubbies, and lovers.../ the fuck has happened to rapping? Raping us of our culture/ replacing our masculinity with ditzy femininity/ no hate on ladies, even women tougher than these men, it seems/ ...I'm sicker than any picture of illness you deliver/ so who's a fixture? A staple? A figure you remember/ was as nasty as a cat scan/ of-the-back of Batman?/ I'm the Bane of his existence, like our riff wth the Afghans/ or medicinal Afghan, I'm intermittent wit that, man/ ask you for a hit, fore I flick your spliff in the trash can/ people be abusing, but there's good uses of that branch/ then doctors wouldn't bank off you popping pills like you're Pac-Man/ now-they wonder why off-they-rocker cops get caught up on dash cams/ reassigned from Fallujah, to-the-Tampinian badlands/ no ISIS or al-Qaida, just brown, yellow, and black man/ submarines at the Port, met by amphibian trap hands/ damn.../ seven tons of khaki-colored powder/ moving every hour, on the hour, get the fucking flour/ yall couldn't handle the uncut, you'd numb up, fucked up, devoured/ put-your-guns up, get up, empowered, like-a-cup of coffee and shower/ uh/ my style is wild, these pages could pile for miles n miles/ I'm loud, obnoxious, and childish, won't turn down the sound/ you've found a measure of pleasure that's been missing forever/ whenever, wherever I do this, I impugn what you render/ you better.../ quit while you ahead, and do better/ you better.../ shit or get off the pot, your ass ain't getting any wetter/ endeavor for greatness, I'm anxious to see the future/ I beat a beat til it's purple and blue, then leave it with sutures/ I ain't.../ breathing with dragons, a volcano is my hookah/ and they know, they wouldn't bust an uva, peep how they maneuver/ they get as low as a tuba/ even lower than scuba/ at least they knew how to duck.../ rather that, then me go through ya/

He dead (yup, yup)
Amen (I killed him)
He dead (uh-huh)
Amen (aaaaamen)

That's how Mojito do tho
I drop napalm on your culo, you puto
Who wanna judo? I'll slap you way out to Pluto
He dead...
Track Name: Observe
You don't put/ no fear in my heart.../ even in the pitch black/ of my anger, I can see in the dark/ nigga, notify your allies/ send em bearing gifts, like the Magi/ this hood is my tallit, like a rabbi, now, who am I?/ that street scholar.../ preach, Father/ tell the meek/ not to wander from what destiny foreseen for us.../ it's inherent that we must inherit.../ they tryna misconstrue humility for weakness, please don't e'en bother/ I push the pen/ like a pusher out for ends/ out the pen/ second strike, but reconnected with friends/ uh/ no regard, no retard, but this mob/ of consumers ain't been acquainted with hard/ til I'm on/ yo/ I feed you what you ain't even know you was hungry for/ and whether government approve or not is not my fucking chore/ no concern of mine, wiser than them serpentine/ beings intertwined on your doctor's lapel, observe the signs.../ nigga/

Don't just take my word/ observe, niggas, learn/ apocalypse ri-/ sing, to place the world in an urn.../ overthrow these niggas' planet.../ Independence Day/ men in black/ come to submit you, like Fifty Shades Of Grey/ my rap style causes fits of laughter, mad smiles/ either my voice, or what I say, can flip a wack crowd/ so when I'm giving you the real, it can crack ground/ avert your muthafuckin ears, if it's a tad loud/ I lay the smack/ down on this wax/ in a candlelit booth/ channeling the ghost of John Wilkes Booth/ assassination of the conversation/ kill the talk/ muhfuckas know the resume, you better play your part/ I ain't bullshittin, I work wisdom into these words written/ you serve diction/ that hurts to listen on the 1st listen/ observe, listen.../ watch the rise and fall/ of your chest, know yourself before the rest you try to solve/ nigga/

I against I/ spy versus spy/ it's difficult to try/ while you conscious the entire time/ I'm out to catch myself slippin, in order to dig in/ the motive is intuition, knowing what is dormant within/ beyond the animal, and layers of imposters/ the faces that we don, a display when people watch us/ I'm snapping out of it, awakening the Godness.../ outfit/ coordinated with my chakras/ observe.../ this is I against I/ we met right at the border, at least 5 or 6 times/ like India and Pakistan, our hands are still tied/ but any moment now, we bout to let these nukes fly, nigga.../ don't sit there in your room, fried/ you can't control the ride, you just in a tube slide.../ God.../ get acquainted, prayer and meditation/ and watch, life's a trip, and it's amazing/ observe.../
Track Name: FOH
Niggas love it when I make a statement.../ reeducation, strap yourself in these armrests, tape your eyelids and TAKE it.../ every word filters through the flicker rate/ rapid eye spasms, just fathom how much you FINNA hate.../ we can keep this shit at subliminal/ or make it difficult, make that shine you reaching for miserable, told/ niggas I'm waiting... and?/ I'm still waiting, you still playing/ yourselves, expecting me just to chill? Maybe/ I'm angry, maybe it's righteous.../ maybe I'm crazy, favoring Tyson.../ maybe you MAKE me do this, you LIKE this/ thriving on that abuse.../ now I'm at war with you mentally, let's still pretend to keep honoring a truce/ no honor among them thieves tho.../ real Gs know/ soon as you take the gloves off, tend to your ego.../ you looking like one of dem ole ratchet hoes.../ thinking you bad as fuck/ we all laughing tho.../

What's love without a tear?
And what's respect without the fear?
What good is pain without the cheer?
Same way I give you niggas the truth
It's useless, to the aloof
Fuck outta here...

Hot spittle.../ Trigger Town, one pistol/ aiming at your brain tissue.../ who am I? I'm that classical son of Amadeus, playing the stainless like weighted keys/ from A to G/ it's do or die/ no Po Pimpin, just Mo, chillin, infamous foe... villain/ Doctor Octopus, which arm you chose for this cold riddim?/ toting four pens, a pencil, and two mics/ that last tentacle gripping his testicles mad tight/ yall ain't got the stones/ to come at Goliath, have a seat/ them raps is weak/ I hope your bladder can hold back the leak/ defeat/ is unfamiliar, industrious with my inner/ momentum, you niggas trapped in inertia/ caterpillars/ without a care for a chrysalis.../ blowing piff n shit/ all the homies up in the cypher, a nigga synthesis/ trash begets trash.../ garbage will gather garbage/ a circle of un-/ motivated hindrances is all you harness.../ FOH.../ FOH/ on my journey to this pinnacle, everyone fell astray/ whatever, I went my way/ whichever way that it take me/ all I need is my family... all I see are my babies/ when I shut my eyes/ letting my voice/ enter the darkness/ turning flows into carnage... hated in these apartments, they stomping down on my roof/ banging hard on the walls/ if it pick up in the booth, I'm at your door with a saw.../ unbecoming and hideous.../ though I'm eloquent, elegance isn't my preference, I would rather lift a bitch.../ step back, before you get left flat.../ Bruce Banderas, the Hulk is a wetback, my nigga/
Track Name: Summertime
Lead fly, then the block cry.../ uh/ lost lives, on a hot night/ summer came, and the thirst hit an all time/ high/ in the city, no pity, when your heart dry/ thirty troops, on the move, right on 10th Street/ safe to say it's no truce, in Gillespie/ Kalashnikovs and adderol/ the real "team no sleep", the assassin squad/ couple of em went to Booker Middle, back/ in the day/ way back/ when a nigga had to lie/ bout his age/ tryna let the sideburns grow, with the goatee/ anything, to hit the clubs with the OGs/ now they got em slangin OZs/ I was always in the mix, hitting licks, niggas roll deep/ but this had to come to an end, something told me/ I know/ what you did/ last summer, homie/

Summertime, when the living's easy
Never understood exactly what that mean
The fan isn't working, I got no AC
But the sun/ don't give a fuck, he keep turning up/ that heat...

...Keep/ one in the dresser, and another under the pillow when you go to sleep.../ they say it's the weather, but maybe we should know better, we got vendettas, even hoes got beef/ she get her man involved, now he gotta be macho/ and stick his chest out where it didn't belong, so/ he took two in it, like BLAP, BLAP/ she was back at the bar/ when it happened, seventh beer already half cracked/ damn/ how come my niggas never learn?/ as soon as you in heat, that's how easily you burn/ try and blame it on your dick/ blame it on your balls/ no excuse tho, proof/ always in the alcohol/ no pun/ wit intent, just realness meant/ no gun means your flesh/ finna peel off your chest/ that's a sunburn/ but melanin won't save you/ it's demons down here.../ too hot for the angels/ uh/
Track Name: Whiskey & A Black (prod. by Prime)
Whiskey and a black/ I lay my inner being over wax/ but in life, I'm not as eloquent as that/ I'm tensed up/ my tenth puff/ I'm deep in head stuff/ poring over mental recollection, my left thumb/ digging into my temple/ fingers rest at the hairline/ can you tell/ that I can't even chill/ in my spare time?/ never been able to smell, fuck a rare wine/ gimme something potent so the stubble on my chest rise/ my beard is nearly as long as my list of problems/ uh/ could text somebody to join me, but it ain't often/ I get these moments of solitude.../ just let me drink to these drums, breathe in my lungs/ this smoke I don't even wanna do.../ I know it's killing me slowly, but got me feeling cozy.../ exhale/ sit back, and listen to Khris composing.../ ...whiskey and a black, cherry and some Jack/ I take a sip, then I laugh, and kill the entire glass/ my mind drifting, no brakes/ or speed limit/ to an image of my dead homie Ezra and me, trippin/ I remember how his pupils looked.../ like Method Man's, on that Tical 2000: Judgement Day cover, how many shrooms we took?/ I wish I was smarter, but I just took it farther/ introduced him to X, now we blowing up at a concert/ then one day, him and wifey chopped it up, on the phone/ patched it up, now he packing up/ headed back home/ that was my ace, but I bid him farewell/ called him up around his birthday, he was happy, they were still doing well/ couple months pass/ suddenly, his wife calls/ he went out with friends, but then went missing, til they found him, with his life gone/ floating in a river/ who the fuck are these friends?/ that's when I looked in the mirror/ at who started the trend, damn/ ...still unable to forgive myself for that/ I traded in those pills/ for a whiskey and a black.../
Track Name: Post Up
Who want what? We post up
We ain't gotta go to the club
To pour up
Everybody come to the spot
To show love
Shutting down the block
Yeah, we got it sown up, now...
Who want what? We post up
Pigs tryna kick in the door
Like, hold up
I don't give a shit, my people give no fucks
You don't want no problems
Get off my nuts

Aquarians, make it rain, turn the track on/ going hard in the paint, like a tapcon.../ yall/ niggas is slow/ missed your interval/ errbody say they got next, I gotta pick a bone/ I'm in the back of a Mercury/ with this burnt CD/ to the 23rd dB/ instrumentals get jacked, and then merked in the first degree/ fuck rap, this a murder spree/ gimme all your money, don't attempt nothing funny, I'll punch you bloody/ and that go for anybody hating, acting buddy-buddy/ I'm only kidding wit you/ my nigga drove me to the corner of Martin Luther and 5th, shit was sentimental/ I don't have too many good dreams/ but when I get this rap money, I'm spending it where it should be.../ tryna throw the whole block a party/ wile out, like we all Somalis/ nigga what/

Last shall be first, and the first shall be last.../ I sit in on they set, til it hurts when I laugh/ what you thinking might've worked, was a wrap/ when people see the gimmick in you, they the worst at showing mercy or tact/ but yo.../ I ain't downing you niggas, I wish better for ya/ all that denying you do, you'd make a hell of a lawyer/ sitting on your own jury, self-sympathy/ only one you gotta convince/ is who the mirror sees.../ enough of that tho, check out the bar/ top shelf, nothing less, for this special bazaar, exhibition of art/ talent that was gifted from God/ Mike/ made it to the 'Sonian, my pictures are bars/ so I'm tryna find an audience.../ but pop/ cultured cocksuckers won't give a limp/ wristed round of applause for this/ fuck it/ we on the roof, with our glasses up/ posted up... post a new status up/
Track Name: No One (ft. Hagan Lee, co-prod. by Ron Burgandy)
That long road, this hard life/ that soft white/ that speckled my inner nostrils as a kid, all them long nights/ chasing after something I promised myself that I deserved/ hugging every curve, trying not to flip, with every swerve/ another bottle gone.../ another beat on repeat, sheet after sheet/ of notebook paper I jotted on/ pouring color into your thought, into your sight/ crazy characters came to life/ something out of a Comic-Con/ polygon/ multifaceted, you one dimensional/ I'm irreverent with instrumentals, y'all in my peripherals.../ I'm using foresight.../ so forewarn them/ if you in your feelings, tuck your dick back in your foreskin/ I'm unforgiving, it's the nature of a beast/ but my prey/ still prays, when I'm sitting down to eat/ tell my wolves, tuck they napkins in/ we back again/ with that funk, from the soul/ of all Hispanics and Africans/ hip hop, hip hop, hip hop.../
Track Name: Perception
Don't you ever notice how...
The same old people you keep on hanging around...
They be the ones who bring you down
Bring you down, yeah...
If you don't change perception...
You left with misdirection
It's time... to change... the scenery...
For now...

I got/ shit to do this morning.../ uh/ and I got shit to do this evening, even while I'm yawning/ even when I'm sleeping, I be thinking of these moments/ dreaming of these moments/ turn to nightmares, then I be screaming in a moment, while I'm frozen from the omens, opened/ some biblical poems, scoping my atonement/ just wanted to make sure it was still there, I been aware/ that I been ensnared, but who feel care, with these pills here?/ I pop a couple, and chase it with that distilled clear/ are you even still here? Can I chill here?/ my friends are happy to enable, we living a fable/ chopping dust all on the table, that's caine, and I'm able/ uh/ I get wittier, wit every hit/ but slip/ harder than I've ever slipped/ I'm saying/ as much as I'm thinking I'm so on point/ I'm in oblivion, with all my boys/ til death do us/
Track Name: The Illest
The illest.../ the greatest, the realest.../ the vilified/ hated, degraded, the heinous, the killers/ uh.../ ...each verse, worse than the last.../ open nerves with a gash.../ filet your brain with a Phillips/ yo.../ I put the work in/ I cruise around my city with a church pen, off the back of a pew, godly wordsmith.../ they treat these writings like the Dead Sea Scrolls/ shit they don't want us to listen to, cause then we'd know/ nigga.../ you a king, and she a queen, the fuck you mean/ yall ain't heard of all that we were/ and what we oughta be?/ follow me, on an odyssey/ honestly, the odder things you hear in my terminology mean you got a lot to read.../ I drop a seed, then your mental feel like it popped a bean.../ heavy emotion, the motion of love through all your being, I sling/ these potions from my bedroom laboratory/ with gripping oratory, a parable, short story/ whatever get your attention, don't ignore me, there's more, shawty/ from war glory, to ghosts moaning in old record... ings.../ I played it backwards, then it all made sense/ if yall hate/ the past, pass/ up your haunts, they said/ too real, like declining that blue pill/ I cut ties/ from these fake/ tough guys, wit something to prove still/ my niggas... come over, when you off that bullshit/ how I'm gonna raise a family on Planet Hulk, bitch?/ meanwhile, yall marvel at that/ I don't ride/ beats, I leave/ tire marks on the track/ check the style later.../ I'm an innovator, but still, I like to sprinkle in a little vintage Jada, just to rile haters/ they looking green/ at the party, bunch of Ralph Naders/ used to be a threat, now they quiet.../ Al-Qaeda/ I wasn't tripping.../ but now, I'm fresh all outta favors/ the Darth/ Vader of volume faders, a dark Amadeus/ God's right hand, I wash thy land/ of impurity, with a fury, til there's not dry land/ uh.../ these niggas know/ who da fuck I am.../ even if they haven't shook my hand.../ heard that word been getting round, from among my fans/ that I been shaking Trigger City, like an eight ton amp/ what the bidness is?/ I've paid my dues, now lemme do Paid Dues, something like Jesús/ that's who Saint Pete would pray to.../
Track Name: DFWM
Got love for my niggas/ slugs for the villains/ in positions of authority, thugs with a business/ drugs what they give us.../ you can see em on any and every corner, while they pump them prescriptions/ uh/ CVS, nothing more/ than the new trap/ a drive thru, to slang narcotics fast food fast/ I pass by, and see my brothers in the street/ on they feet/ all night, but they unable to compete/ have a pill for your headache/ a tab for your pain/ a bar to go to sleep, or an injection, if you vain/ shit is sickening to watch, nigga/ but watch niggas/ they take the doctor's word like it's the spoken word of God, nigga/ I walk up in the ER, like yall don't know shit/ fuck a nurse all in my face, tryna throw a fit/ she wanna stick a needle in my baby arm/ I'm letting you know now, you bout to witness Vietnam/ don't fuck wit me.../

All they give us is they word
But trust is something that you gotta earn
Don't fuck wit me...
What if we let these tables turn?
Even if I was firm, you'd be saying
Don't fuck wit me...
Yall be lying, but you look so calm
What happened to "first, do no harm"?
Somebody got you on they payroll, and I'm alarmed, be warned
You don't wanna push me too far
Don't fuck wit me...

While the drug war raging in the streets/ there's a parallel battle, for the sheep/ these niggas get fined billions, over bribery.../ sentenced to prison time/ but won't spend even a night/ oh, the irony.../ ...pushers fighting over turf, overseas/ where there are no repercussions, they assert, then they squeeze/ civilians are expendable, where laws are relaxed/ clinical trials that weren't absolved with a pass/ zero oversight, 100% treachery/ under the illusion of healthcare, for whoever needs/ it started off in the Third World, no fucks given/ H-I-V in the vaccines, to young children/ black and brown.../ fuck em all, until someone asked around.../ you might have thought they planned this out, huh?/ no accountability for genocide/ so before they prep your bicep, remember that, ahead of time.../ that.../

California.../ never been, but I ain't finna visit/ with my lil kids growing up/ a parent 'posed to be the absolute authority/ yet/ physicians think they know em more than me/ oh, word?/ how the hell you figure, bitch?/ how people hung up on who get to have a penis, and who get to have a clitoris?/ none of this shit matter.../ "Matter fact, mom and dad, boys and girls, kick them silly labels, we would rather/ if you didn't put/ gender in a box/ it's offensive, and we not gone tolerate it, though we talk of tolerance a lot"/ them habits are contradictions, to lil schoolboys/ you ain't into sports, so you feminine? Said who, boy?/ how you tell a child to explore those feels/ and groom him into womanhood, with hormone pills?/ man, fuck yall, better yet/ fuck yall twice/ you ain't finna fuck up my life, my life, now.../ listen.../
Track Name: Anthropology (ft. High Collide & J Blu)
Brown kings, in forbidden lands.../ one/ governs the sands, the other live among the jungle plants/ different ends of the earth/ but so alike/ bronze skin, dark hair, and a thirst/ to grow in might/ get your money, niggas.../ it's in my DNA to thrive/ my people just been hoodwinked, the story of our lives/ ain't it?/ our Asian cousins were the students of the Aryans/ so they let Himmler dig up their fam, right where they buried them.../ measuring skulls, documenting, comparing them/ searching for a lineage, an-/ cestors with fairer skin/ blue-eyed blondes, who taught Tibetans Sanskrit/ even the swastika was flipped from Hindu manuscripts/ my own/ people dealt with similar devils/ who masqueraded as gods.../ then desecrated our temples/ yeah, you know the kind/ you might recognize the design/ same ones you see in Giza, to beat us, they must divide/ let em know.../

Sometimes I put it in a song...
Sometimes I listen, and I wonder...
If we got the world in our palms...
How come we let it take us under?

Nobody see what I can I see...

American Mayan/ my machete slash thru your textbook/ rewrite it how it happened for real, then watch how our men look/ they'll go from seemingly subservient, to fuck what's courteous/ we kings in this muhfucka, put up with enough turbulence/ to shake the human race to its foundation, we've found Satan/ conquistadors hit the ground, wasting my brown nation/ I lift my head to the clouds, praying for salvation/ my mouth is fixed with a frown, pacing without patience/ bring the violence, I'm smiling, defend my tribal island/ I clutch my blades and my arrows in trees, where I be hiding/ waiting for intergalactic help to arrive and fight em/ deep down inside tho, I know they prolly allied, they like em/ that pale flesh, these motherships that they sailed with/ and everywhere they go, hell and death/ follow they trail, they hot on our frail steps/ if we don't prevail/ could African Olmecs be the ones who may fail next?/ hell yes.../
Track Name: Let Me Chill
A Midas with words, alchemist with the flows/ cutting up dope/ for anyone putting powder up in they nose/ I hate that metaphor, why I even said it for?/ we could've hustled anything, but chose at the expense of poor/ people, who live inside a prison without walls/ slaves/ to a vice, I got mine, and you got yours/ stop sleeping/ awaken, and realize who your master is/ same/ one who puts you in shackles for what he dabbles in.../ understatement of the last forty years/ non official cover smugglers with packs, on a Lear/ but who drops a dime/ on people who fucking print money?/ black budgets/ ah, fuck it man, a billion ain't nothing/ I was wondering.../ who died and left the plans wit these architects?/ they fumbling.../ all we ever have/ is incompetence/ ha/ or so it seems, like the homie Mess would tell you/ we fell too/ far to recoup/ from what we went through/ cause them.../

Streets won't let me chill...
(Streets won't let me chill)
And that's real
Walk around, tell me how yall feel... huh?
(Streets won't let me chill)
And that's ill
If you really want peace, let's build
Try and heal...
(Streets won't let me chill)
No doubt
Never safe to go out, I pour out
A little liquor, man, them
(Streets won't let me chill)
Word up...

In my nation, in my state/ my city, my community/ looking for cheap gas, better pay, and some unity/ civilians die daily, in a civilized country/ just wait til that collapse, and Salvatruchas rise, buddy/ La Eme, and the Aryans, the Haitians and the Russians/ Crips, Bloods, Folk Nation, gangsters in abundance/ roaming through your street, like the neighborhood police/ on a beat, but they don't ask for ID/ they out to eat/ niggas take the food right out from your mouth, while you was chewing it.../ if I was you, I'd get a rifle and a crucifix/ ward/ off them devils that's seen/ and unseen/ learn about whatever you read, and don't read/ cause we perish over lack of the apple that doomed Eve/ irony is a motherfucker, leave it at that/ I twist the cap/ off the brandy, and indulge in a splash/ it's just a little pre-workout, when I flex on a track/ because them.../

For as ye have drunk upon my holy mountain...
So shall all the heathen drink
Yeah, yeah...
They shall drink...
And they shall swallow down...
And they shall be as though they had not been

But upon... Mount Zion... shall be...
Deliverance, deliverance...
Track Name: Do Svidaniya
I got a/ heart for the people.../ evil is often deceitful/ my generation lost faith, no stock in a steeple/ they tryna say I'm off base, I'm part of the sheeple/ but I never trip, when y'all say that God isn't real/ man, I ain't hearing that, I hear Him, He been here and back/ told me He'd take the wheel, so I don't live in fear of that/ it's way too many distractions and situations/ to leave me total control, while I'm hassled by tribulations/ relations with friends and family straining, and eventually waning/ unfamiliar faces I interact with are interchanging.../ who are these strangers I keep fucking wit?/ they showed me more respect than the ones I knew, growing up and shit/ charge it to the game.../ I pour my problems and my pains/ in between the margin lines on every page/ with the book of Job open, to my left/ on my desk/ I'm at rest/ no matter what happens next, He will plant my steps/

Don't fall for okey-dokes, give it your all, and go for broke/ I see a sea of people reaching for a dose of hope/ I put for every ounce of passion, half a pound of action/ never felt like relaxing, move like I caught the Holy Ghost/ nobody gave me inspiration, they turning me off/ no one instilled this dedication to work, at a cost/ they say I'm hustling backwards, but they busters and slackers/ I muster the factors/ that strengthen me, my love for this rapture/ ...rhapsody in blue, if you could wear and lace my shoes/ a mile in em would erase smiles, and paint the strangest hues/ and yet/ still, not without laughter, word to Langston Hughes/ I'll find the light switch in the darkness of the dankest room/ thought I was heartless, til my conscience gave my jaded views/ a badly needed tune-up, screwed up, but grew up, no wasted youth/ say hallelujah, these calluses grew, but patience too/ however long it take, I gotta make it through/ you know.../