Anthropology (ft. High Collide & J Blu)

from by Mojito

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Brown kings, in forbidden lands.../ one/ governs the sands, the other live among the jungle plants/ different ends of the earth/ but so alike/ bronze skin, dark hair, and a thirst/ to grow in might/ get your money, niggas.../ it's in my DNA to thrive/ my people just been hoodwinked, the story of our lives/ ain't it?/ our Asian cousins were the students of the Aryans/ so they let Himmler dig up their fam, right where they buried them.../ measuring skulls, documenting, comparing them/ searching for a lineage, an-/ cestors with fairer skin/ blue-eyed blondes, who taught Tibetans Sanskrit/ even the swastika was flipped from Hindu manuscripts/ my own/ people dealt with similar devils/ who masqueraded as gods.../ then desecrated our temples/ yeah, you know the kind/ you might recognize the design/ same ones you see in Giza, to beat us, they must divide/ let em know.../

Sometimes I put it in a song...
Sometimes I listen, and I wonder...
If we got the world in our palms...
How come we let it take us under?

Nobody see what I can I see...

American Mayan/ my machete slash thru your textbook/ rewrite it how it happened for real, then watch how our men look/ they'll go from seemingly subservient, to fuck what's courteous/ we kings in this muhfucka, put up with enough turbulence/ to shake the human race to its foundation, we've found Satan/ conquistadors hit the ground, wasting my brown nation/ I lift my head to the clouds, praying for salvation/ my mouth is fixed with a frown, pacing without patience/ bring the violence, I'm smiling, defend my tribal island/ I clutch my blades and my arrows in trees, where I be hiding/ waiting for intergalactic help to arrive and fight em/ deep down inside tho, I know they prolly allied, they like em/ that pale flesh, these motherships that they sailed with/ and everywhere they go, hell and death/ follow they trail, they hot on our frail steps/ if we don't prevail/ could African Olmecs be the ones who may fail next?/ hell yes.../


from INVOCATION, released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Mojito St. Petersburg, Florida

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