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Got love for my niggas/ slugs for the villains/ in positions of authority, thugs with a business/ drugs what they give us.../ you can see em on any and every corner, while they pump them prescriptions/ uh/ CVS, nothing more/ than the new trap/ a drive thru, to slang narcotics fast food fast/ I pass by, and see my brothers in the street/ on they feet/ all night, but they unable to compete/ have a pill for your headache/ a tab for your pain/ a bar to go to sleep, or an injection, if you vain/ shit is sickening to watch, nigga/ but watch niggas/ they take the doctor's word like it's the spoken word of God, nigga/ I walk up in the ER, like yall don't know shit/ fuck a nurse all in my face, tryna throw a fit/ she wanna stick a needle in my baby arm/ I'm letting you know now, you bout to witness Vietnam/ don't fuck wit me.../

All they give us is they word
But trust is something that you gotta earn
Don't fuck wit me...
What if we let these tables turn?
Even if I was firm, you'd be saying
Don't fuck wit me...
Yall be lying, but you look so calm
What happened to "first, do no harm"?
Somebody got you on they payroll, and I'm alarmed, be warned
You don't wanna push me too far
Don't fuck wit me...

While the drug war raging in the streets/ there's a parallel battle, for the sheep/ these niggas get fined billions, over bribery.../ sentenced to prison time/ but won't spend even a night/ oh, the irony.../ ...pushers fighting over turf, overseas/ where there are no repercussions, they assert, then they squeeze/ civilians are expendable, where laws are relaxed/ clinical trials that weren't absolved with a pass/ zero oversight, 100% treachery/ under the illusion of healthcare, for whoever needs/ it started off in the Third World, no fucks given/ H-I-V in the vaccines, to young children/ black and brown.../ fuck em all, until someone asked around.../ you might have thought they planned this out, huh?/ no accountability for genocide/ so before they prep your bicep, remember that, ahead of time.../ that.../

California.../ never been, but I ain't finna visit/ with my lil kids growing up/ a parent 'posed to be the absolute authority/ yet/ physicians think they know em more than me/ oh, word?/ how the hell you figure, bitch?/ how people hung up on who get to have a penis, and who get to have a clitoris?/ none of this shit matter.../ "Matter fact, mom and dad, boys and girls, kick them silly labels, we would rather/ if you didn't put/ gender in a box/ it's offensive, and we not gone tolerate it, though we talk of tolerance a lot"/ them habits are contradictions, to lil schoolboys/ you ain't into sports, so you feminine? Said who, boy?/ how you tell a child to explore those feels/ and groom him into womanhood, with hormone pills?/ man, fuck yall, better yet/ fuck yall twice/ you ain't finna fuck up my life, my life, now.../ listen.../


from INVOCATION, released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Mojito St. Petersburg, Florida

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