Do Svidaniya

from by Mojito

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I got a/ heart for the people.../ evil is often deceitful/ my generation lost faith, no stock in a steeple/ they tryna say I'm off base, I'm part of the sheeple/ but I never trip, when y'all say that God isn't real/ man, I ain't hearing that, I hear Him, He been here and back/ told me He'd take the wheel, so I don't live in fear of that/ it's way too many distractions and situations/ to leave me total control, while I'm hassled by tribulations/ relations with friends and family straining, and eventually waning/ unfamiliar faces I interact with are interchanging.../ who are these strangers I keep fucking wit?/ they showed me more respect than the ones I knew, growing up and shit/ charge it to the game.../ I pour my problems and my pains/ in between the margin lines on every page/ with the book of Job open, to my left/ on my desk/ I'm at rest/ no matter what happens next, He will plant my steps/

Don't fall for okey-dokes, give it your all, and go for broke/ I see a sea of people reaching for a dose of hope/ I put for every ounce of passion, half a pound of action/ never felt like relaxing, move like I caught the Holy Ghost/ nobody gave me inspiration, they turning me off/ no one instilled this dedication to work, at a cost/ they say I'm hustling backwards, but they busters and slackers/ I muster the factors/ that strengthen me, my love for this rapture/ ...rhapsody in blue, if you could wear and lace my shoes/ a mile in em would erase smiles, and paint the strangest hues/ and yet/ still, not without laughter, word to Langston Hughes/ I'll find the light switch in the darkness of the dankest room/ thought I was heartless, til my conscience gave my jaded views/ a badly needed tune-up, screwed up, but grew up, no wasted youth/ say hallelujah, these calluses grew, but patience too/ however long it take, I gotta make it through/ you know.../


from INVOCATION, released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Mojito St. Petersburg, Florida

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