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Niggas love it when I make a statement.../ reeducation, strap yourself in these armrests, tape your eyelids and TAKE it.../ every word filters through the flicker rate/ rapid eye spasms, just fathom how much you FINNA hate.../ we can keep this shit at subliminal/ or make it difficult, make that shine you reaching for miserable, told/ niggas I'm waiting... and?/ I'm still waiting, you still playing/ yourselves, expecting me just to chill? Maybe/ I'm angry, maybe it's righteous.../ maybe I'm crazy, favoring Tyson.../ maybe you MAKE me do this, you LIKE this/ thriving on that abuse.../ now I'm at war with you mentally, let's still pretend to keep honoring a truce/ no honor among them thieves tho.../ real Gs know/ soon as you take the gloves off, tend to your ego.../ you looking like one of dem ole ratchet hoes.../ thinking you bad as fuck/ we all laughing tho.../

What's love without a tear?
And what's respect without the fear?
What good is pain without the cheer?
Same way I give you niggas the truth
It's useless, to the aloof
Fuck outta here...

Hot spittle.../ Trigger Town, one pistol/ aiming at your brain tissue.../ who am I? I'm that classical son of Amadeus, playing the stainless like weighted keys/ from A to G/ it's do or die/ no Po Pimpin, just Mo, chillin, infamous foe... villain/ Doctor Octopus, which arm you chose for this cold riddim?/ toting four pens, a pencil, and two mics/ that last tentacle gripping his testicles mad tight/ yall ain't got the stones/ to come at Goliath, have a seat/ them raps is weak/ I hope your bladder can hold back the leak/ defeat/ is unfamiliar, industrious with my inner/ momentum, you niggas trapped in inertia/ caterpillars/ without a care for a chrysalis.../ blowing piff n shit/ all the homies up in the cypher, a nigga synthesis/ trash begets trash.../ garbage will gather garbage/ a circle of un-/ motivated hindrances is all you harness.../ FOH.../ FOH/ on my journey to this pinnacle, everyone fell astray/ whatever, I went my way/ whichever way that it take me/ all I need is my family... all I see are my babies/ when I shut my eyes/ letting my voice/ enter the darkness/ turning flows into carnage... hated in these apartments, they stomping down on my roof/ banging hard on the walls/ if it pick up in the booth, I'm at your door with a saw.../ unbecoming and hideous.../ though I'm eloquent, elegance isn't my preference, I would rather lift a bitch.../ step back, before you get left flat.../ Bruce Banderas, the Hulk is a wetback, my nigga/


from INVOCATION, released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Mojito St. Petersburg, Florida

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