Let Me Chill

from by Mojito

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A Midas with words, alchemist with the flows/ cutting up dope/ for anyone putting powder up in they nose/ I hate that metaphor, why I even said it for?/ we could've hustled anything, but chose at the expense of poor/ people, who live inside a prison without walls/ slaves/ to a vice, I got mine, and you got yours/ stop sleeping/ awaken, and realize who your master is/ same/ one who puts you in shackles for what he dabbles in.../ understatement of the last forty years/ non official cover smugglers with packs, on a Lear/ but who drops a dime/ on people who fucking print money?/ black budgets/ ah, fuck it man, a billion ain't nothing/ I was wondering.../ who died and left the plans wit these architects?/ they fumbling.../ all we ever have/ is incompetence/ ha/ or so it seems, like the homie Mess would tell you/ we fell too/ far to recoup/ from what we went through/ cause them.../

Streets won't let me chill...
(Streets won't let me chill)
And that's real
Walk around, tell me how yall feel... huh?
(Streets won't let me chill)
And that's ill
If you really want peace, let's build
Try and heal...
(Streets won't let me chill)
No doubt
Never safe to go out, I pour out
A little liquor, man, them
(Streets won't let me chill)
Word up...

In my nation, in my state/ my city, my community/ looking for cheap gas, better pay, and some unity/ civilians die daily, in a civilized country/ just wait til that collapse, and Salvatruchas rise, buddy/ La Eme, and the Aryans, the Haitians and the Russians/ Crips, Bloods, Folk Nation, gangsters in abundance/ roaming through your street, like the neighborhood police/ on a beat, but they don't ask for ID/ they out to eat/ niggas take the food right out from your mouth, while you was chewing it.../ if I was you, I'd get a rifle and a crucifix/ ward/ off them devils that's seen/ and unseen/ learn about whatever you read, and don't read/ cause we perish over lack of the apple that doomed Eve/ irony is a motherfucker, leave it at that/ I twist the cap/ off the brandy, and indulge in a splash/ it's just a little pre-workout, when I flex on a track/ because them.../

For as ye have drunk upon my holy mountain...
So shall all the heathen drink
Yeah, yeah...
They shall drink...
And they shall swallow down...
And they shall be as though they had not been

But upon... Mount Zion... shall be...
Deliverance, deliverance...


from INVOCATION, released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Mojito St. Petersburg, Florida

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