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You don't put/ no fear in my heart.../ even in the pitch black/ of my anger, I can see in the dark/ nigga, notify your allies/ send em bearing gifts, like the Magi/ this hood is my tallit, like a rabbi, now, who am I?/ that street scholar.../ preach, Father/ tell the meek/ not to wander from what destiny foreseen for us.../ it's inherent that we must inherit.../ they tryna misconstrue humility for weakness, please don't e'en bother/ I push the pen/ like a pusher out for ends/ out the pen/ second strike, but reconnected with friends/ uh/ no regard, no retard, but this mob/ of consumers ain't been acquainted with hard/ til I'm on/ yo/ I feed you what you ain't even know you was hungry for/ and whether government approve or not is not my fucking chore/ no concern of mine, wiser than them serpentine/ beings intertwined on your doctor's lapel, observe the signs.../ nigga/

Don't just take my word/ observe, niggas, learn/ apocalypse ri-/ sing, to place the world in an urn.../ overthrow these niggas' planet.../ Independence Day/ men in black/ come to submit you, like Fifty Shades Of Grey/ my rap style causes fits of laughter, mad smiles/ either my voice, or what I say, can flip a wack crowd/ so when I'm giving you the real, it can crack ground/ avert your muthafuckin ears, if it's a tad loud/ I lay the smack/ down on this wax/ in a candlelit booth/ channeling the ghost of John Wilkes Booth/ assassination of the conversation/ kill the talk/ muhfuckas know the resume, you better play your part/ I ain't bullshittin, I work wisdom into these words written/ you serve diction/ that hurts to listen on the 1st listen/ observe, listen.../ watch the rise and fall/ of your chest, know yourself before the rest you try to solve/ nigga/

I against I/ spy versus spy/ it's difficult to try/ while you conscious the entire time/ I'm out to catch myself slippin, in order to dig in/ the motive is intuition, knowing what is dormant within/ beyond the animal, and layers of imposters/ the faces that we don, a display when people watch us/ I'm snapping out of it, awakening the Godness.../ outfit/ coordinated with my chakras/ observe.../ this is I against I/ we met right at the border, at least 5 or 6 times/ like India and Pakistan, our hands are still tied/ but any moment now, we bout to let these nukes fly, nigga.../ don't sit there in your room, fried/ you can't control the ride, you just in a tube slide.../ God.../ get acquainted, prayer and meditation/ and watch, life's a trip, and it's amazing/ observe.../


from INVOCATION, released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Mojito St. Petersburg, Florida

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