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Who wanna rumble? No muscle, but never humble/ you stumble, looking for trouble, I'm puzzled, watching you bumble/ and fumble, tryna tussle/ it's so much anger, in strangers/ in danger of getting choked wit a coat/ hanger, for hater/ commentary, so yall be wary, hip hop apothecary/ with all them various, odd, and scary treatments for your body, ready/ if-you-opt to tell me you sick, and the shit's incurable.../ your frame is fragile, this pain will last you, I'll murder you/ my current view of rappers is backwards, from what they give us/ these niggas actually practice a script, and expect forgiveness/ lacking in any mercy, usurping power from thirsty/ and worsening, purse-carrying sirs, who surely are Shirleys/ addressing homies and brothers as baes, hubbies, and lovers.../ the fuck has happened to rapping? Raping us of our culture/ replacing our masculinity with ditzy femininity/ no hate on ladies, even women tougher than these men, it seems/ ...I'm sicker than any picture of illness you deliver/ so who's a fixture? A staple? A figure you remember/ was as nasty as a cat scan/ of-the-back of Batman?/ I'm the Bane of his existence, like our riff wth the Afghans/ or medicinal Afghan, I'm intermittent wit that, man/ ask you for a hit, fore I flick your spliff in the trash can/ people be abusing, but there's good uses of that branch/ then doctors wouldn't bank off you popping pills like you're Pac-Man/ now-they wonder why off-they-rocker cops get caught up on dash cams/ reassigned from Fallujah, to-the-Tampinian badlands/ no ISIS or al-Qaida, just brown, yellow, and black man/ submarines at the Port, met by amphibian trap hands/ damn.../ seven tons of khaki-colored powder/ moving every hour, on the hour, get the fucking flour/ yall couldn't handle the uncut, you'd numb up, fucked up, devoured/ put-your-guns up, get up, empowered, like-a-cup of coffee and shower/ uh/ my style is wild, these pages could pile for miles n miles/ I'm loud, obnoxious, and childish, won't turn down the sound/ you've found a measure of pleasure that's been missing forever/ whenever, wherever I do this, I impugn what you render/ you better.../ quit while you ahead, and do better/ you better.../ shit or get off the pot, your ass ain't getting any wetter/ endeavor for greatness, I'm anxious to see the future/ I beat a beat til it's purple and blue, then leave it with sutures/ I ain't.../ breathing with dragons, a volcano is my hookah/ and they know, they wouldn't bust an uva, peep how they maneuver/ they get as low as a tuba/ even lower than scuba/ at least they knew how to duck.../ rather that, then me go through ya/

He dead (yup, yup)
Amen (I killed him)
He dead (uh-huh)
Amen (aaaaamen)

That's how Mojito do tho
I drop napalm on your culo, you puto
Who wanna judo? I'll slap you way out to Pluto
He dead...


from INVOCATION, released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Mojito St. Petersburg, Florida

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