Post Up

from by Mojito

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Who want what? We post up
We ain't gotta go to the club
To pour up
Everybody come to the spot
To show love
Shutting down the block
Yeah, we got it sown up, now...
Who want what? We post up
Pigs tryna kick in the door
Like, hold up
I don't give a shit, my people give no fucks
You don't want no problems
Get off my nuts

Aquarians, make it rain, turn the track on/ going hard in the paint, like a tapcon.../ yall/ niggas is slow/ missed your interval/ errbody say they got next, I gotta pick a bone/ I'm in the back of a Mercury/ with this burnt CD/ to the 23rd dB/ instrumentals get jacked, and then merked in the first degree/ fuck rap, this a murder spree/ gimme all your money, don't attempt nothing funny, I'll punch you bloody/ and that go for anybody hating, acting buddy-buddy/ I'm only kidding wit you/ my nigga drove me to the corner of Martin Luther and 5th, shit was sentimental/ I don't have too many good dreams/ but when I get this rap money, I'm spending it where it should be.../ tryna throw the whole block a party/ wile out, like we all Somalis/ nigga what/

Last shall be first, and the first shall be last.../ I sit in on they set, til it hurts when I laugh/ what you thinking might've worked, was a wrap/ when people see the gimmick in you, they the worst at showing mercy or tact/ but yo.../ I ain't downing you niggas, I wish better for ya/ all that denying you do, you'd make a hell of a lawyer/ sitting on your own jury, self-sympathy/ only one you gotta convince/ is who the mirror sees.../ enough of that tho, check out the bar/ top shelf, nothing less, for this special bazaar, exhibition of art/ talent that was gifted from God/ Mike/ made it to the 'Sonian, my pictures are bars/ so I'm tryna find an audience.../ but pop/ cultured cocksuckers won't give a limp/ wristed round of applause for this/ fuck it/ we on the roof, with our glasses up/ posted up... post a new status up/


from INVOCATION, released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Mojito St. Petersburg, Florida

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