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Lead fly, then the block cry.../ uh/ lost lives, on a hot night/ summer came, and the thirst hit an all time/ high/ in the city, no pity, when your heart dry/ thirty troops, on the move, right on 10th Street/ safe to say it's no truce, in Gillespie/ Kalashnikovs and adderol/ the real "team no sleep", the assassin squad/ couple of em went to Booker Middle, back/ in the day/ way back/ when a nigga had to lie/ bout his age/ tryna let the sideburns grow, with the goatee/ anything, to hit the clubs with the OGs/ now they got em slangin OZs/ I was always in the mix, hitting licks, niggas roll deep/ but this had to come to an end, something told me/ I know/ what you did/ last summer, homie/

Summertime, when the living's easy
Never understood exactly what that mean
The fan isn't working, I got no AC
But the sun/ don't give a fuck, he keep turning up/ that heat...

...Keep/ one in the dresser, and another under the pillow when you go to sleep.../ they say it's the weather, but maybe we should know better, we got vendettas, even hoes got beef/ she get her man involved, now he gotta be macho/ and stick his chest out where it didn't belong, so/ he took two in it, like BLAP, BLAP/ she was back at the bar/ when it happened, seventh beer already half cracked/ damn/ how come my niggas never learn?/ as soon as you in heat, that's how easily you burn/ try and blame it on your dick/ blame it on your balls/ no excuse tho, proof/ always in the alcohol/ no pun/ wit intent, just realness meant/ no gun means your flesh/ finna peel off your chest/ that's a sunburn/ but melanin won't save you/ it's demons down here.../ too hot for the angels/ uh/


from INVOCATION, released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Mojito St. Petersburg, Florida

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