The Illest

from by Mojito

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The illest.../ the greatest, the realest.../ the vilified/ hated, degraded, the heinous, the killers/ uh.../ ...each verse, worse than the last.../ open nerves with a gash.../ filet your brain with a Phillips/ yo.../ I put the work in/ I cruise around my city with a church pen, off the back of a pew, godly wordsmith.../ they treat these writings like the Dead Sea Scrolls/ shit they don't want us to listen to, cause then we'd know/ nigga.../ you a king, and she a queen, the fuck you mean/ yall ain't heard of all that we were/ and what we oughta be?/ follow me, on an odyssey/ honestly, the odder things you hear in my terminology mean you got a lot to read.../ I drop a seed, then your mental feel like it popped a bean.../ heavy emotion, the motion of love through all your being, I sling/ these potions from my bedroom laboratory/ with gripping oratory, a parable, short story/ whatever get your attention, don't ignore me, there's more, shawty/ from war glory, to ghosts moaning in old record... ings.../ I played it backwards, then it all made sense/ if yall hate/ the past, pass/ up your haunts, they said/ too real, like declining that blue pill/ I cut ties/ from these fake/ tough guys, wit something to prove still/ my niggas... come over, when you off that bullshit/ how I'm gonna raise a family on Planet Hulk, bitch?/ meanwhile, yall marvel at that/ I don't ride/ beats, I leave/ tire marks on the track/ check the style later.../ I'm an innovator, but still, I like to sprinkle in a little vintage Jada, just to rile haters/ they looking green/ at the party, bunch of Ralph Naders/ used to be a threat, now they quiet.../ Al-Qaeda/ I wasn't tripping.../ but now, I'm fresh all outta favors/ the Darth/ Vader of volume faders, a dark Amadeus/ God's right hand, I wash thy land/ of impurity, with a fury, til there's not dry land/ uh.../ these niggas know/ who da fuck I am.../ even if they haven't shook my hand.../ heard that word been getting round, from among my fans/ that I been shaking Trigger City, like an eight ton amp/ what the bidness is?/ I've paid my dues, now lemme do Paid Dues, something like Jesús/ that's who Saint Pete would pray to.../


from INVOCATION, released December 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Mojito St. Petersburg, Florida

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